CV. Nissichem Indospecialty

We are a company that is engaged In providing specialty chemicals for metal surface finishing process, especially elecktroplating and blackening.Our products Include materials and equipment for Silver Plating, Tin Plating, and Blackening on copper surface, brass and iron.Our products are commonly used by Electrical Panel Maker, especially for busbar copper with Tin Elecktroplating, Silver Elecktroplating and Silver Elecktroless.Our products are also used by companies of metal machining primarily as an Anti-Corrosion (Rust Preventive, Rust Remover and Blackening).

Pusat Jual Bahan Kimia Sepuh Perak Harga Murah

CV. Nissichem Indospecialty menjual bahan kimia yang digunakan untuk proses sepuh perak. Bahan kimia yang Kami jual diantaranya Perak NitratAtau Agno3 TeknisNissichem Sba 2500 dan lainnya. Produk bahan kimia yang Kami jual sudah di jamin memiliki kuliatas bagus dan harga yang terjangkau. Untuk informasi detail produk dan pemesanan, silahkan menghubungi Kami.